Our volunteers are the lifeblood of the South Devon Railway. Virtually every role on the railway is performed by volunteers; coming from all walks of life, and with all sorts of skills, we help keep a valuable piece of our country’s industrial heritage alive.

The fact that you are reading this hopefully means that you are already considering joining our family and becoming a volunteer. We would love to welcome you and strongly encourage you to become involved and share our passion for the South Devon Railway.

Buffet Attendant

Our Buffet Attendants provide a valuable service to passengers on our train services, and in our car park kiosk at Buckfastleigh Station. If you enjoy meeting people in a friendly

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Gardens and Grounds Keepers

Our Gardens Department volunteers help maintain the award-winning grounds at Buckfastleigh and ensure our floral displays continue to impress our visitors. Tasks will include routine maintenance of clearing leaves, emptying

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Our signalmen perform one of the most important roles on the railway. They are responsible for every train movement within their control area, as well as the safety of our passengers and staff, they ensure the safe passage of our trains over the single track sections of our line.

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Volunteers of the Signal and Telegraph Gang oiling point rodding at Staverton.

Signal and Telegraph

The Signal and Telegraph (S&T) Department is primarily responsible for the maintenance of the signalling and internal telephone systems on our railway. Alongside that they design and install any new equipment or adapt current equipment to meet the operational needs of the railway.

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Steam Footplate

Cleaner The first rung on the footplate department ladder. As a cleaner you will learn how to clean the locomotives. Cleaning above and below the running plates, between the frames

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